Help us make a difference,

one kid at a time.

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Invest in:


Your investment at this level ensures that the doors to a world-class Club Experience are always open to every child & teen in our community.

The most important piece of a successful youth/teen development program is stability. Consistent activities, mentors, and expectations help provide the opportunity for all of our members to build brighter futures.

$20/Month or $240/Year

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Invest in:


$50/Month or $600/Year

Your investment at this level ensures that our members have the tools and experiences to define and strive for lifelong success.

We work to provide a wide range of resources and programs that allow our members to discover and pursue their passions. Click here to learn more about the wide variety of programs we offer our members each day.

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Invest in:


$100/Month or $1,200/Year

Your investment at this level ensures that our members are given the chance to embrace hope every single day and fulfill their absolute potentials.

Each day, we provide meals, mentoring, academic support, and much more. Yet the most important thing we can give our members is hope. For themselves, for our community, for the world, hope can make all the difference.