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The Flathead Lake Shore Challenge

Support Your Shore

short thermom challenge.png

East/West dividing line at McDonalds and Polson Bay Golf Course

(South of Polson the dividing line is Hwy 93)


EAST SHORE | $76,415

WEST SHORE | $66,492

Current total: $142,907

If you want to donate with a check, cash, or any other offline method, please let us know before 11:59 pm MST on July 26, so we can accurately total the Challenge Results! or 406-528-5007

We are just $250,000 away from being able to open our

New Polson Clubhouse completely debt-free. Now there's a challenge between the East Shore and the West Shore to see who can give the Club this final push across the fundraising finish line! 

Look below for the project progress and design!

The Stakes?

Naming rights to the covered sidewalk leading to the main doors:

Either the West Shore Walkway or the East Shore Entrance

The Future Polson Clubhouse:


You're invited to join us for our Virtual Sneak Peek Celebration!

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